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A tiny Scaly sea star with a Knobbly sea star on Cyrene.
Photo by Loh Kok Sheng.

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  1. Cyrene is like a treasure trove hidden right under our noses but in a place where you'd least expect to find! We often assume that with the heavy industries and urbanisation in singapore, we'd be hardpressed to find thriving wildlife of any quality but yet we have this amazing marine haven right in the middle of the busiest shipping lane! that is uniquely singapore. that is what is so special about singapore! But yet it's sometimes such a well hidden and well guarded secret. I hope with Cyrene exposed to Singaporeans and the world, we'd all learn to appreciate what is truly special about our little island state. I hope this national treasure will never be lost!

  2. Cyrene is certainly a jewel in Singapore's crown and every story i read about this magical place strengthens my belief that this is so. Living so close to Australia's Great Barrier Reef makes me realise just how vulnerable Singapores beautiful shores are as everywhere you look there seems to be ports, refineries and similar threats. I sincerely hope that the government in Singapore appreciates this amazing natural asset. I hope they have the wisdom and the will to protect Cyrene for future generations. Thank you to the Singaporean bloggers who have shared this place with me!

  3. So pleased that I had the chance to stop by and say hello. You have a very nicely assembled website. Just goes to show what hard work and dedication to a project does. It eventually pays off. Good job!


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