12 May 2011

Been to Cyrene: "Exceeding expectations"

"I was in anticipation after being able to go to Cyrene - expecting to see stuff on other intertidal shores of Singapore", says Tony.
Knobbly that seems to have raised its arm to "shake hands" -
remarks Tony of this photo he shared.
"However, I was able to see far more than I had seen before!"

09 May 2011

Been to Cyrene: "An ecological jewel"

Azlin says: I'm thankful for this ecological jewel in the midst of a busy busy “highway”.
Cyrene lies in the middle of an "Industrial Triangle" and busy shipping lanes.

Been to Cyrene: "Mother Nature's treasure"

"It's great to be back with Mother Nature again and this always put life back into perspective for me," says Teck Hui.
Teck Hui recently visited Cyrene and is great at spotting the fascinating marine life there! She shares this scuffle among tiny moon crabs over a colourful shrimp.

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