12 May 2011

Been to Cyrene: "Exceeding expectations"

"I was in anticipation after being able to go to Cyrene - expecting to see stuff on other intertidal shores of Singapore", says Tony.
Knobbly that seems to have raised its arm to "shake hands" -
remarks Tony of this photo he shared.
"However, I was able to see far more than I had seen before!"

Tony adds: "Cyrene is the only place that I have seen so many sea stars and with beautiful corals providing lots of colour too."
Great closeup of a Leathery soft coral shared by Tony.

"Cyrene is truely a thriving natural living community of wildlife so near our mainland shore. It is a heritage that we need to cherish and protect." concludes Tony.

Tony shared lots more photos and stories of his Cyrene trip on his Soaring c-eagle blog which also features more marine adventures kayaking other shores in Singapore.

Tony Seow is in his late 40s. His life pursuits are summarised in the 3Cs: Christian, CPA and Sea Kayaker.

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