20 July 2010

Sharing Cyrene with JTC, July 2010

A spirited and sporting team from JTC visited Cyrene on 14 Jul!
What a great team from JTC!
Photo by Annabelle.
The enthusiastic team not only discovered and spotted many interesting animals, but also helped to deal with the huge fish traps we encountered.

Sharing Cyrene with URA, June 2010

An enthusiastic and excited team from URA visited Cyrene on 16 Jun!
A happy team makes it safely on to Cyrene!
Photo by Ria.
They join the Mei Lin who is here with a small team of volunteers to look for Giant clams. And what amazing creatures we saw!

19 July 2010

Been to Cyrene: "Am I in Singapore?"

It's truly surreal, says Russel, to be standing in the middle Cyrene, basking in the rays of the rising sun, against the backdrop of the heavy industries in the distance and being nonchalant about the large vessels just sailing by. One can't help but wonder, "Am I in Singapore?
Surreal Cyrene!  Photo by Russel
Russel shares more about his first trip to Cyrene on his awesome blog into the wild

18 July 2010

Been to Cyrene: "A mesmerizing gem"

Jane and Terry Heppell join us for their first trip to Cyrene. And among our first night trips there!
A glorious sunrise at the end of the night trip to Cyrene
Photo by Terry Heppell
They are amazed to be standing almost as if in the middle of the sea surrounded by the bright lights of the nearby petro-chemical facilities. They share what they saw in their brand new blog: Urchin's World.

13 July 2010

Cyrene on Channel NewsAsia videoclip

Cyrene is seen in a video clip about the BiodiverCity photo competition on MediaCorp's newly launched News In Singapore on YouTube.
Minister Mah looking at a photo of Cyrene Reef!
Here's the clip!

04 July 2010

Cyrene in the news: Lianhe Zaobao features coral conservation in Singapore

Thanks to Kok Sheng, we learn that Cyrene has been featured in Lianhe Zaobao today!

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