20 July 2010

Sharing Cyrene with URA, June 2010

An enthusiastic and excited team from URA visited Cyrene on 16 Jun!
A happy team makes it safely on to Cyrene!
Photo by Ria.
They join the Mei Lin who is here with a small team of volunteers to look for Giant clams. And what amazing creatures we saw!

Just a few steps into our trip and Chay Hoon found a baby Cushion sea star!
With very short arms, it's hard to believe this is a sea star.
Photo by Kok Sheng.

Sadly, as we move deeper into the reefs, we noticed lots of coral bleaching. Even though dark clouds have gathered over  us, we press on with our exploration.
Bleaching hard and soft corals stand out starkly on the shore.
Photo by Ria.

And we did see some interesting creatures!
The shell of a recently dead heart urchin!
Our first encounter on Cyrene!
Photo by Ria.

Of course we get an overdose of Knobbly sea stars.
Photo by Kok Sheng.

Chay Hoon spots this intriguing sea star that we have yet to identify.
Photo by Chay Hoon.

Tsen Yang found the Fluted giant clam that we have been looking for over several trips! Yay!
The Giant clam finally found!
Photo by Kok Sheng.

The weather turned evil towards the end of our walk and we hurried off Cyrene in high waves.
Photo by Ria.
We had a safe departure and it only started storming once we were on the boat. It was only later when we arrived on the mainland that we discovered the intense rainfall had caused massive flooding on Orchard Road that is now so famous.

During the trip, we also launched the new "I've Been to Cyrene" badge! Mei Lin says it's the 'pre-dawn' version! Indeed, this badge features one part of the 'industrial triangle' around Cyrene: our world-class container terminals and the city skyline during our dawn trip a few weeks ago. With the spectacular Pentaceraster sea star (Pentaceraster mammilatus) that was first recorded for Singapore from Cyrene Reef! It also features this Cyrene Reef Exposed blog.

It was a productive trip with good finds (especially the Clam) and we hope URA had an enjoyable trip too!

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