18 July 2010

Been to Cyrene: "A mesmerizing gem"

Jane and Terry Heppell join us for their first trip to Cyrene. And among our first night trips there!
A glorious sunrise at the end of the night trip to Cyrene
Photo by Terry Heppell
They are amazed to be standing almost as if in the middle of the sea surrounded by the bright lights of the nearby petro-chemical facilities. They share what they saw in their brand new blog: Urchin's World.

Among their awesome sightings, a Long-horned cowfish! Unlike our other shores, these fishes are regularly encountered among the lush seagrasses of Cyrene.
A cowfish is seen!
Photo by Terry Heppell
The Heppells declare "Any visitor would be mesmerized by what we saw." And they consider Cyrene a "gem" which shows that Man and Nature can co-exist as we progress, through our actions to preserve Nature whenever we can.

Read all about their trip on Urchin's World and see more of their photos on Picasa.

Jane and Terry are retired. Terry shares that he was formerly an engineer and worked in the petroleum industry so he is well aware of how the activities done offshore can affect our environment and understand the need for conservation. They both started volunteering at Pulau Ubin about four years ago when they were both working and now they have been guiding on Pulau Ubin at Chek Jawa and the Sensory Trail. Now that they have more time they are trying to be more active and also recently joined the Nature Society (Singapore) to learn more about conservation and the importance of biodiversity. Photography and birding are some of the current activities they are spending time on.

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