20 July 2010

Sharing Cyrene with JTC, July 2010

A spirited and sporting team from JTC visited Cyrene on 14 Jul!
What a great team from JTC!
Photo by Annabelle.
The enthusiastic team not only discovered and spotted many interesting animals, but also helped to deal with the huge fish traps we encountered.

It was cool and shady as we explored the reefier side of Cyrene. Among the fascinating finds were Mei Lin's fluted giant clam, lots of different kinds of crabs and fishes, and sadly, also many bleaching corals.
A train of clouds chugged overhead towards the mainland
to dump rain there instead of on us!
Photo by Ria.

The corals on Cyrene can be quite large, and fascinating!
Photo by Ria.

Alas, the group came across huge fish traps on the reef, a total of seven of them! Everyone pitched in to release the fishes and deal with the traps.
The seven large fish traps were laid out all along the reef!
Photo by Ria.

Some of the fishes released from the traps.
Photo by Sam.

More fishes that were released from the traps.
Photo by Sam.

With the help of so many hands from JTC, we quickly released all the fishes! Then we head across to have a quick look at the seagrasses and the intriguing marine life that live here.
The curious T-shaped hammer oysters are
found in abundance in Cyrene's meadows.
Photo by Annabelle.

The stars of Cyrene! Common, cushion and knobbly!
Photo by Sam.

All kinds of strange creatures dwell in the meadows.
Photo by Ria.

Shu Yen from JTC, who organised the JTC team,
found this Discodoris nudibranch!
Photo by Ria.

But of course, the most captivating creatures are
the baby Knobblies that are plentiful on Cyrene.
Photo by Ria.

We hope our new friends at JTC enjoyed their trip. We are delighted to hear that they will share what they saw with their other colleagues.

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