16 February 2014

Been to Cyrene: Exotic destination for students!

"Cyrene Reef: not many people get to visit Cyrene, and even fewer know of its existence, for the matter!" says Tyronne Toh who shared about his experiences in the Raffles Ecological Literacy Programme.
Photo from Tyronne's blog post
As he explains, "every trip is an eye-opener; life and beauty are truly ubiquitous in nature- one simply has to take a closer look to realize this."

More about the Programme in Tyronne's post: [Please Mind The Platform Gap] Enrichment Programmes: Raffles Ecological Literacy Programme

26 June 2012

Been to Cyrene: Illogically amazing

Sankar says after his Cyrene trip: How would you react if I told you that there is an entire reef, filled with a cornucopia of living things, smack in the middle of the industrial triangle, near a huge and busy shipping lane.
I know... That's what I thought. And yet, it exists!

25 June 2012

Dugongs of Cyrene

Singapore has dugongs! There are signs of them on Cyrene Reef, even though it lies in the middle of the industrial triangle.
Siti first spotted dugong feeding trails here in April, and we saw them again when Seagrass-Watch visited Cyrene Reef last month.

24 June 2012

Sharing Cyrene with MPA

Last week, I had the pleasure of sharing Cyrene with an intrepid team from the Maritime and Port Authority led by CE MPA Lam Yi Young and organised by the tireless Joanne Fang.
We started well before dawn and were rewarded with a glorious sunrise!

16 April 2012

Dugong feeding trails at Cyrene!

Siti saw dugong feeding trails at Cyrene Reef! Dugongs are also called sea cows because they only eat seagrasses.
We often see dugong feeding trails on Chek Jawa, even on Changi. But this is our first sighting of them on Cyrene!

22 March 2012

Sharing Cyrene with Shell volunteers

Thanks to Azlin from NParks, some volunteers from Shell visited Cyrene in December 2011 and January 2012!
The first team of volunteers who visited in Dec 2011
Everyone had a great time and we saw lots of fabulous marine life!

09 October 2011

Cyrene featured by the World Seagrass Association

Cyrene's amazing seagrass meadows are featured on the World Seagrass Association blog, thanks to Siti Maryam Yaakub who manages the blog.
Shipping next to Cyrene Reef
This was a great opportunity to share with seagrass scientists and workers around the world, Cyrene's rich seagrass meadows, despite its location in the middle of this ‘Industrial Triangle’.

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