26 June 2012

Been to Cyrene: Illogically amazing

Sankar says after his Cyrene trip: How would you react if I told you that there is an entire reef, filled with a cornucopia of living things, smack in the middle of the industrial triangle, near a huge and busy shipping lane.
I know... That's what I thought. And yet, it exists!

Sankar heads to the edge of the Reef, "where we were instantly overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of Knobbly Sea Stars AKA Chocolate Chip Sea Stars AKA Darth Maul Sea Stars (Sean's idea)"
Notice the resemblance?
Anyway, after walking around for a bit, we found a 6-sided Knobbly Sea Star...
That's like the Four-leaved Clover of the Sea

Read more about Sankar's trip to Cyrene on his blog.

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