08 June 2010

Been to Cyrene: Succulent Drumstick and Mystery Tentacles

Ling Ling shares a delightful report of her encounters at Cyrene. And I intrude in italics in her text:

Cyrene reef first came to my mind when I was planning for our tri-monthly Central Nature Reserve volunteer gathering. I wanted our ‘terrestrial’ volunteers to know that there are other valuable habitats in Singapore.
Today is Labour Day and full moon was just a few days ago. The moon was hanging over the water and there was serenity at Marina Keppel Bay before we depart for the reef. This is one taken when I was on the reef.

07 June 2010

Been to Cyrene: "A Precious Experience"

Chai Joo shares her visit to Cyrene Reef, "it was my first and most exciting intertidal walk!"
I remember the very first marine animal I saw - the sand dollars! The entire reef was teeming with life - sea cucumbers, flat worms, nudibranch, sea urchins, knobbly sea stars, common sea stars, cushion stars, a lovely carpet anemone with resident shrimps, hairy crabs, sponges, sea grass, corals ... the list goes on.

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