07 June 2010

Been to Cyrene: "A Precious Experience"

Chai Joo shares her visit to Cyrene Reef, "it was my first and most exciting intertidal walk!"
I remember the very first marine animal I saw - the sand dollars! The entire reef was teeming with life - sea cucumbers, flat worms, nudibranch, sea urchins, knobbly sea stars, common sea stars, cushion stars, a lovely carpet anemone with resident shrimps, hairy crabs, sponges, sea grass, corals ... the list goes on.

I felt very fortunate that other experienced guides were on hand to help locate and show us marine creatures that were far away from our exploration site.

Cyrene Reef was almost pristine, untouched and in the middle of the ocean only to be revealed at low tide. It was a precious place. I had a precious experience.

Unfortunately, in the distance we can see Jurong Island with their oil refineries. Large tankers pass right next to the beautiful reef. On our way back, we saw dredging activities that explained the murkiness of the waters.

How this reef remains beautiful in spite of all the threats nearby, I do not know. But such is the wonder of nature. They are resilient. All the more we have to help protect them as best we can so that the next generation can see them and learn about them.

Ling Chai Joo, 48 is a Parent Volunteer and a volunteer with NParks. She is a member of the Nature Society (Singapore), helps out with Cicada Tree Eco Place, and also volunteers with ACRES and TeamSeagrass. She says "I'm a photographer wanna-be, curious and interested to learn lots about the nature around me, learning from others how they protect the environment and doing my part through composting."

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