29 May 2010

Been to Cyrene: "Yoga sea stars!"

Anuj is a big fan of Knobbly sea stars. So when he sees one, he usually photographs it and he tries to keep a running count of them on the field. But, he say, "this proved to be a disaster" during his first trip to Cyrene!
There were just too many of them!

He's shared about some of these sea stars and the intriguing 'yoga' poses they adopt when stranded out of water, on his blog: Knobbly Yoga at Cyrene Reef. Go and read all about them!

Anuj Jain, 25 is an engineer. He is also an avid nature volunteer working with the Nature Society (Singapore) and is a nature guide with NParks Central Nature Reserve as well as with the Naked Hermit Crabs. Besides Knobbly sea stars, he is also particularly interested in plants and applied plant ecology.

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