06 May 2010

Tricky Cyrene Trips

It's not easy visiting Cyrene. Being a submerged reef, there is no jetty. We need to know the tides very well so that we can arrive and leave at the right time.
Oops, I hope we don't have to swim back!

Here's a bunch of brave souls waiting till the last minute to leave Cyrene Reef as it disappears beneath the incoming tide.

Siva has uploaded a great video clip of the amphibious landing with a 360 degree view of Cyrene Reef, and the taking of the obligatory traditional group photo.

There was a time when we used a sampan to land on Cyrene. We found a chair was quite useful to get in and out of the wobbly high-sided sampan.

The Chair also has many other uses...
The Chair gives a good indication of where to start the queue.

A quick snooze on The Chair.

The Chair is a handy throne for those of us who decide to be
Queen of the Shore for the Moment.

For a short while, we were ferried to Cyrene on a little boat that was very aptly named.
The attitude one must have towards landing on Cyrene.
More recently, we make a much safer landing in an inflatable dinghy.
The dinghy gets us well into shallow water when we can land without getting too wet.
In Jul 08, this button was launched. Everyone who goes to Cyrene (and survives) gets one.
Only issued to survivors of a trip to Cyrene

Read more about what visitors to Cyrene have to say about their trip!

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