22 March 2012

Sharing Cyrene with Shell volunteers

Thanks to Azlin from NParks, some volunteers from Shell visited Cyrene in December 2011 and January 2012!
The first team of volunteers who visited in Dec 2011
Everyone had a great time and we saw lots of fabulous marine life!

On some trips, the weather was rather wet and the tide a little high, but this didn't deter these intrepid visitors!
The second team of volunteers who visited in Jan 2012
The third team of volunteers who visited in Jan 2012
As we walk away from the landing point, a huge cruise ship passes by this major shipping lane next to Cyrene Reef. Although Cyrene lies in the middle of the industrial triangle it has amazing marine life!
As usual, the giant Knobbly sea stars (Protoreaster nodosus) are a key highlight of the trip!
We saw lots of White sea urchins (Salmacis sp). As usual, they were camouflaged by their habit of 'carrying' bits of debris. This sea urchin is more common on our northern shores like Chek Jawa and seldom seen on our southern shores. Indeed, this why in some ways, Cyrene is the Chek Jawa of the South.
We also saw lots of Grey bonnet snails (Phalium glaucum), including one eating a Cake sand dollar (Arachnoides placenta). There are lots of these sand dollars on Cyrene, but it's uncommon to see these snails during daylight. Perhaps it was because the water was still high!
Among the special finds spotted by one of the visitors, a Fig snail (Ficus variegata)! My first time seeing this on Cyrene! So far, we've only seen this snail in Changi, Changi East and at East Coast Park.
Cyrene is awesome even in less than ideal weather! The trips were made particularly memorable by the delightful company and sharp-eyed sightings by these volunteers from Shell.
Thanks to Shell and Azlin of NParks for coming to visit Cyrene!

More about these trips on wild shores of singapore in Dec 2011 and 9 Jan 2012 and 10 Jan 2012.

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