09 May 2011

Been to Cyrene: "Mother Nature's treasure"

"It's great to be back with Mother Nature again and this always put life back into perspective for me," says Teck Hui.
Teck Hui recently visited Cyrene and is great at spotting the fascinating marine life there! She shares this scuffle among tiny moon crabs over a colourful shrimp.

Another well-spotted sighting, she shares this photo of a superbly camouflaged filefish among the lush seagrasses on Cyrene! She's really good at this!
"Mother nature has many treasures waiting for us to discover yet how many of us really take time to visit her, explore and preserve her?" says Teck Hui.

Teck Hui, 43 is an Education Officer. She is a volunteer guide with NParks and also enjoys swimming & Yoga.

More about this trip to Cyrene on the wild shores of singapore blog.

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