22 March 2011

Been to Cyrene: "Go visit at least once in your life!"

"It's a reef? A sea reef? It's off an island? Oh, it's part of an island? Erm it has starfish and other cool looking animals, corals on it. Do I get to see a 'Nemo'?". Probably common questions if I were to ask a land lover who's never been to our country's smaller islands (Mainland Singapore, Tekong and Sentosa doesn't count!!).
Just one of Andrew's many gorgeous photos of Cyrene.
So begins Andrew as he shares awesome photos and stories of his trip to Cyrene on his One° North Explorers blog.

"I had to admit, visiting and walking on a real sea reef was totally something I have not done before", says Andrew. "Even then, I did feel a little apprehensive of going out to sea, when I previously had a near drowning incident - leg cramps while trying to swim out from beach to small land mass on Sentosa. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the sea. In fact, I did diving and snorkelling before and loved them! For a person like me, who's more into urbex (urban exploration), heritage and urban legends, I am definitely 'A fish out of water' for this latest adventure!"

But Andrew had a great time on Cyrene and ends his post with: "To everyone out there, if you have not visited the Cyrene Reefs. Please do so, at least once in your life! There's quite a bit of land reclamation going on on Jurong Island, so let's hope Cyrene Reef retains it's splendour for future generations."

Read more about Andrew's trip on his One° North Explorers blog which also has a facebook page.

This trip was organised by the Environmental Engineering Society of Singapore. More about this trip on the wild shores of singapore blog.

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