22 February 2011

Been to Cyrene: "A safari-load of animals!"

To probably anyone else around the area, it’s just a patch of rocks and sand.
Glorious weather over Cyrene, photo by Clarence Chua.
But take a boat out and take a close peek ....

And a safari-load of intertidal animals come leaping at you (3 blue-spotted stingrays literally bumped into a group of us)!
Giant corals on Cyrene, photo by Clarence Chua.
Super fun trip. Thank you!

Thanks to Clarence, 27, for sharing these thoughts after a trip with his colleagues from Coastal Parks, National Parks Board.

He adds that "Coastal Parks maintains parkland adjacent to the coast. Our skill set includes managing terrestrial parkland flora and fauna, but we have much to learn about the intertidal biodiversity just next to our parkland. We have therefore embarked on trips to find out more about intertidal life off Changi Beach Park and West Coast Park. This knowledge is especially useful when we carry out projects to renourish the beach sand due to erosion."

More about the trip with Coastal Parks on the wild shores of singapore blog.

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