19 November 2010

South Cyrene in National Geographic!

Goh Pei Hao's awesome photo of South Cyrene is featured in National Geographic's weekly selection! Thank you and congratulations Pei Hao!
from National Geographic

Pei Hao was part of the small team that visited this 'little sister' in the Cyrene Reefs last month for the first time. 

What we refer to as Cyrene is actually properly called Terumbu Pandan, the largest of the three submerged reefs that are collectively called Cyrene Reefs. The other two are the much smaller: Pandan Beacon and South Cyrene.

Though this tiny reef is not as spectacular as the usual huge Terumbu Pandan that we visit, it was still an interesting visit.
An Arabian cowrie spotted by Kok Sheng on South Cyrene.

Read more about the trip to South Cyrene in blog posts by Kok Sheng and Ria.

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