26 April 2010

Mapping out Cyrene Reef

How big is Cyrene? Good question! Fortunately, Dr Raju is here to help us find out the precise answer.This fabulous map was kindly shared by Dr. D. Kumaran Raju based on his GPS mapping of Cyrene Reef on in May and July 08. The total area of Cyrene Reef is 45.7 hectares and it's about 1km long and 500m wide. This fabulous map and Dr Raju's other amazing maps are hosted on wildsingapore.

This map took a lot of hard work to create. Dr Raju and his colleague did lots of it. Siti also helped to take the readings on one of the trips. Dr Raju has really snazzy equipment to do the job!
Dr Raju takes readings all over this vast reef.
Here he is next to a container ship passing by Cyrene Reef.

November circumnavigated the boundaries of this enormous reef to take readings. In the process scaring and being scared by marinelife as well as adding more mileage to her already weak knees. More about her experiences on her Midnight Monkey Monitor blog.
Prof Teh Tiong Sa was also present for the May trip to lend his vast expertise to our understanding of Cyrene Reef.

This map will no doubt be invaluable to the Star Trackers, TeamSeagrass and others studying this amazing reef in the middle of our port.

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