25 April 2010

Past outreach efforts for Cyrene Reef

100 unique stars of Cyrene were put up for adoption!
During the International Year of the Reef Celebrations in 2008, the Star Trackers and the Naked Hermit Crabs organised the adoption of 100 Knobbly sea stars of Cyrene.

It was hard work explaining about the stars and Cyrene Reef: Here is Vyna sharing about all the 100 stars.Here is a pair of young adopters with their selected Star!
The Naked Hermit Crabs have adopted a Knobbly sea star without knobs on its arms and named it Nudistarre!
The Star Trackers also gave a talk about Cyrene Reef and the stars found there during Reef Celebrations in Aug 08 as part of International Year of the Reef.At the end of the day, November is pleased to share that 25 out of the 100 stars have been adopted! These stars are now listed on the Star Tracker blog.

Other outreach events for Cyrene Reef included

Apr 2008: Launch of the "I want to go Cyrene" Facebook group

May 2008: Launch of the "Let's Go to Cyrene Reef" blogging contest.

May 2008: Public talk on Cyrene Reef and our shores by Ria Tan hosted by NParks at the Botanic Gardens.

June 2008: The Naked Hermit Crabs featured Cyrene Reef during EnviroFest 2008
Envirofest was organised by Boon Wah who earlier visited Cyrene and did a lovely poster of the trip!Jul 08: Thanks to support by Bert Wee, a team from the URA planning department visited Cyrene Reef!
Volunteers from the Naked Hermit Crabs like YC helped to guide on Cyrene Reef.
And the team saw lots of interesting stuff!

July 2008: Exhibition on Cyrene Reef at the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research.

July 2008: Ria Tan shared about Cyrene at Reel Revolution a youth film mentorship programme that pairs teams of youths with established filmmakers and challenges youths to produce video essays on social issues. Following this, some young filmmakers visited Cyrene.

In Aug 08: A team from the Straits Times visited Cyrene Reef to observe TeamSeagrass at work.

Oct 08: The Star Trackers were features in the City Footprints series on Channel U. Here's Sijie explaining the Star Tracker programme on our way to Cyrene Reef
Jan 2010: Feature on Cyrene Reef by Ria Tan in Nature Watch, magazine of the Nature Society (Singapore).

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