27 April 2010

Visiting scientists at work on Cyrene Reef

Cyrene Reef is a great place to bring visiting scientists from abroad!
Among the most memorable scientific visits was the one by Dr David Lane (standing, left most) in Apr 08.

Dr David Lane is a leading expert in Singapore's echinoderms, especially sea stars. And it was during his visit that he confirmed the new record of Pentaceraster mammilatus for Cyrene Reef!

Sea stars

Here is the special star that was first seen by Chay Hoon on an earlier trip.
And finally found by Vyna (the rose among the thorns) during Dr Lane's trip to Cyrene Reef!

Sea anemones

We were also very fortunate to have a chance to introduce Cyrene to Dr Daphne Fautin, the world expert on sea anemones. See also her awesome Hexacorallians of the World site. Unfortunately, the weather was not very cooperative when we visited with Dr Daphne on Jul 09.
Nevertheless, we managed to have a look at some of Cyrene's sea anemones. Here's a video clip of a strange sea anemone on Cyrene shared by Andy.

Mysterious Anemone @ Cyrene from BeachBum on Vimeo.


Among those who have given Cyrene Reef a look is the very cool Dr James Reimer (the guy with the tatoos!)
Dr James of JAMSTEC (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology) was in Singapore to survey our zoanthids. It was great that he could have a closer look at these animals on Cyrene Reef in Jun 2008.


We also had the opportunity to share Cyrene with Prof Paul Erftemeijer from Deltares in Nov 09. Prof Paul is involved in the Singapore-Delft Alliance, has vast field and policy experience all over the world and is particularly interested in seagrasses. He was quite fascinated by the seagrasses at Cyrene Reef.

Cyrene astounds even leading world class scientists with its diversity of life!

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